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335/366 Seasonal Festiveness

The Christmas tree is finished! Advertisements

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335/365 rather warm this week and family snap

Not much for quality but I know all you northern hemisphere folks are enjoying the chilly weather, here is what we got served up on Tuesday. We also celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary. This shot is four generations. Pretty … Continue reading

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334/366 Gingerbread insanity!

I enjoy making a gingerbread house for the holidays. This year I made the house, but my daughter & her boyfriend decorated it.  There are ‘real’ candy windows and  a working chimney so that a votive light can be placed … Continue reading

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333/bright smile

A rare, and wonderful shot of the boy smiling. 😀 ~Dubs, Alamosa CO

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333/366…Pensive Pawkah….

So, the squirrels were in the backyard the other day, Pawkah wanted to go out and say hello to them, but had to settle for watching them from the window. Calma’s house Port Orchard, Washington, USA

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332/366 Some sun anyone?

Today, Paris is grey, cold, windy, i have my scarf with me, afraid to go outside. And then, this evening, when I was looking for a picture to show you, I saw this one. Aaaah : the Balearic (I have … Continue reading

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332/366 Critters!

  I was waiting by the basement door trying to get a good photo of the woodpecker, but he was not cooperating.  I was about to give up when this fellow came along and saved the day.  He posed for … Continue reading

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