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366/366 Eye of the dragon

Eye of the dragon, a photo by fre1ga on Flickr. A detail of the mural in Santa Rosa, California. Callously damaged, and lovingly kinda repaired. Advertisements

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366/366: Kiss cookies

A few of the Hershey’s Kiss Cookies that we made over Christmas break, along with a number of other cookie types. I’m not a huge fan of these, but I’ll usually eat them anyway for the almond kiss in the … Continue reading

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365/366…Auntie’s Boxes…

My girls played and played and played some more on Christmas day. Their Auntie sent us a bunch of little presents in two boxes. Auntie’s boxes make the best resting places. 😀 Calma filling in for Vana. Port Orchard, Washington, … Continue reading

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364/366 – Houdini puppy

So, my parents bought a pet screen for the back of their car, to prevent Nell from jumping from the back to the front. Unfortunately, it’s not the grid-type and somehow she can wriggle through it. We haven’t seen her … Continue reading

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364/366 Christmas tree

As my last contribution for this year, here’s a pic of our Christmas tree (which actually looks a lot better in reality). So, on to 2013! Hope everybody has a nice New Year’s Eve! Rowanberry

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363/366 The ordeal of the crazy hat…

At a loss of what to get my brother (the soon-to-be-daddy), I spotted a crazy knit hat and thought he might try it on, strike a silly pose and laugh about it. No-o! He decided to be a little girl … Continue reading

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362/366 Spa-aaaah

I received a gift certificate for the local spa from my daughter (a year ago!!) and I finally made use of it. The place is lovely. This was part of the entrance/front desk. The photo below is a waiting area … Continue reading

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