164/365 Elder hunt

Being June and about half a month  behind because of cool weather- I took the morning off to hunt the elusive (okay- it just was bloomin’ late 😛 ) Elderflower.  The following photos are my journey along the way – in a rather abreviated form so others can post their photos 😉


Poppy’ing out of the wheat field


Cultureland Symmetry

13 06 13 Holunder Hunt 017b 13 06 13 Holunder Hunt 020bHanging in there (above)

and Holunder (Elderflower) 🙂

I’ve got the syrup sitting pretty in the sunshine (I’ll boil and bottle it tomorrow) and the jelly ingredients are marinating on the stove (also to be cooked and canned tomorrow) and the rest is drying for future Tea ingredients.  Now off to work that rhubarb into some marmelade.  🙂



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2 Responses to 164/365 Elder hunt

  1. torc365 says:

    Ok, Cultureland Symmetry totally blew my mind. 😯
    Love the dragonfly! 😀


  2. Lilka says:

    Gosh, i love poppies ! great pics !

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