172/365 Sunny winter’s day

The weather here is cold but very clear. We are very lucky to have a deck enclosed with cafe blinds so I can sit out in the sun and enjoy the day. This is my first weekend, post reports so I still have that feeling I should be doing something other than sitting here and reading my book, I’m sure it will pass…


Cel, Newport, Melbourne, Australia

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2 Responses to 172/365 Sunny winter’s day

  1. torc365 says:

    Gorgeous! Love the sun reflecting through the Pergula. (or however that’s spelled.)


  2. slkernThanks says:

    Cel- Now that^s something I would love to have- a ‘winter’ garden (as they are called here). Haha- for your sake I hope the feeling passes and you can enjoy some R&R until you are called to duty again

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