199/365 Berry/Cherry Harvest

This weeks events- Heat, heat, heat, heat, uh… let me see,  more heat and besides that it was HOT!!  My daughter turned 16.  So I made the requested cake- Lindy Cheesecake.  It was even better the second and third day 😉



And today I (we because the Hub helped by bringing the ladder and making sure I didn’t fall off it, balancing me on the other side 😀 ) picked the sour cherries and red and black currents (cassis).  The currents will be frozen for future use in a liquor- excellent for colds or the flu.  The cherries will be pitted and also frozen.  If I have enough, I’ll make a batch of sour cherry jam.


Keep cool!



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3 Responses to 199/365 Berry/Cherry Harvest

  1. torc365 says:

    Oh Yummmmm…. That cheese cake looks like something I could dive right into. Happy 16th to your daughter!
    And pass the cherries, please. 😀


  2. celebalqua says:

    Another 16th birthday, snap Crys! Cheese cake looks delish

  3. torc365 says:

    OH…I love cheese cake!!! and the cherries and berries look nummy


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