206/365 Just desserts and flowers

Last week, you’ll remember I posted the berry/cherry harvest.  Shortly thereafter I made a dessert- A Berry Meringue pie.  I had a few egg whites and fresh pressed lemon juice on hand (leftover from the cheese cake) and rather than creating more egg whites which a Lemon Meringue pie would have done, I chose an adaptation of sorts- using a lemon curd/Philedephia cheese mix for the filler with berries and sour cherries as a topping on a baked meringue ‘crust’.  Gone by the second day- ’nuff said 😉 I had to make the lemon curd:Image

and the pie-


The heat wave broke with a lovely heavy rainshower- however, it is now cooler but more humid.  This week I was harvesting a few more things- Lavender (and a few of the climbing roses above them) and apricots


and I am in the process of finishing a wreath, but I need to go out and harvest some more lavender for that 😉


Have a great weekend♥


‘Sweat’serland 😛



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2 Responses to 206/365 Just desserts and flowers

  1. torc365 says:

    That pie looks delicious but I so love apricots….
    Nice wreath, too. 😀


  2. torc365 says:

    You be one farmer there and so very crafty!!! Everything looks cool.


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