212/365…. Beauty In All Places….

When we first moved into this house (28 years past) this pretty was already here. My husband always took the weed eater to it so it never bloomed. That is until I pointed out to him that it really,truly, was a flower. So it bloomed a few times and made me happy. 😀 Then one Autumn, I decided to move it because my husband wanted to put the trash cans there. Well, I’m no gardener, but I dug up the bulb and put it in the back of the house or so I thought.

The flower in the back croaked, but the original lived on catching what it could from the rain and the sliver of sun between the cans. It came back each year, but never flowered. This year we put a Topsy Turvey on the front porch so whenever I watered the tomatoes, I’d water the Gladiola.

Now look at it. 😀
Sooooo Pretty. 😀

 photo rainbow025_zpsa9692981.jpg

 photo rainbow024_zpsab1b78fc.jpg

 photo rainbow033_zps86553cfa.jpg

As of today, it has given me two new buds. Come Autumn, I hope to try again to transplant the bulb to the other side of the house. Wish me luck

Port Orchard, Washington, USA

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2 Responses to 212/365…. Beauty In All Places….

  1. torc365 says:

    Dig deep! Perhaps you only got one of the smaller bulbs which had no ‘flower’. Anyhow- the flower is lovely and graces your bin very well 🙂

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