215/365 – Orchid

A few years ago Wilko brought an orchid home from work – I think one of the volunteers grew them and these were being sold to support the charity.

This orchid has done surprisingly well in my hands, considering that I’m not very good with plants. Saying that, although people say that orchids are delicate and need lots of care and attention, my (and my mum’s) experience is that if you neglect them, they’ll do fine! 😀

Mine gets a little bit of water when I remember. It got moved into the bathroom from the hallway windowsill (where it was getting a lot of sunshine) and it’s still thriving. I thought it was done putting out flowers, and then I noticed a little green shoot. These are the flowers from that shoot. I think once these are done, it’ll be a while before it flowers again, though.

Some of the flowers on my orchid.

Some of the flowers on my orchid.

[Taken by Heliona in her bathroom.]

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One Response to 215/365 – Orchid

  1. torc365 says:

    Pretty! Good job keeping it healthy!


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