276/365 Autumn calling

Happy Thursday

Fall is really in the air.  Nights are cool and so are the days.  Hope we still have a few sunny ones ahead.  In spite of the cool temperatures I did a little cleaning up in the garden.  Well, okay, honestly it was more like search and rescue for plants that had been left unattended for the most part and became covered by weeds and vines.  Long story short- I rescued a few roses when I trimmed the bushes, and gleaned some rose hips as well. 


The following two pictures were taken earlier this week.  I made a basket of Autumn berries and nuts


And then I took a walk.  I suppose you could insert Hobbits and a Ringwraith in the appropriate spots 😉


Enjoy the weekend everyone 🙂


Switzerland (or was it Middle Earth?)

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3 Responses to 276/365 Autumn calling

  1. torc365 says:

    Totally love the way you arranged the baskets of the top two pictures.
    And I can just see the bugs fleeing from the Dark Rider…


  2. torc365 says:

    Neat pix crys…you is talented!!


  3. patriotblade says:

    I ADORE your arrangements! They are so lovely!

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