281/365 On Sunset Blvd

281/365 On Sunset Blvd

Our motel in LA was really close to Sunset Blvd and so it happened that there is a Ihop on Sunset 😉
After a week or so in the US, I was actually craving eggs so much.
So we went there for an omlet.
Well, it was not the best omlet I ever had, but it was nice enough.
And then we went back for pancakes the next morning ha ha.
I thought this shot of Sunset from the car was worth showing you.

Hope you like it.


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3 Responses to 281/365 On Sunset Blvd

  1. torc365 says:

    Love it!
    It’s really neat looking.
    I hope you had fun in California…


  2. Sable says:

    Cool pix! Love the lighting.


  3. torc365 says:

    Looks like it came out of a dream 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your trip Lilka.

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