311/365 Defiance

This first picture was taken today- the weather of late has been between 6-10°C, rainy and cloudy.  With a blustery warm Saharan wind this morning was pleasant with spectacular lighting.  So, time for a venture into the woods again:


And in keeping with Calma’s kitty theme, last week our dahling Mellon decided to take matters in her own hands (paws) when she discovered the kitty-treat cupboard was open.  Not finding a treat, she resorted to staring eye-level to try and communicate her need.


… without any luck!




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2 Responses to 311/365 Defiance

  1. torc365 says:

    “But Mom, I didn’t break the glasses. I should get a treat for being sooooo cute, right?” 😉

    LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Cute kitty. 😀 But Kitty did a naughty.

    Top picture is gorgeous.


  2. torc365 says:

    Some peoples kids…sheesh. *grins* My first Gambit dog use to KNOW when we bought her a treat and she would get in the back of the car and go thru the bags until she found her treat and/or new toy.

    Lovely pictures Crys


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