332/365 Happy Thanksgiving in the USA

While this post isn’t about Thanksgiving, it is indeed about giving thanks in another way.  The past few weeks I’ve had more trouble with my eyes / vision than the usual 3 day migraine, the  topper was stepping on my glasses yesterday evening and flattening the nose pieces (which are now fixed thankfully 😉 ).   It becomes rather difficult to read or be on the computer for any period of time without squinting and then developing a headache.  Since it has been a busy week I’m pulling from some past photos- hopefully not repeats of any sort, (feels like with the eye problems, the brain suffers periods of fuzziness too 😛 ).  These pictures remind me how thankful I am to have my sight (when I do that is 😉 ) and in a crafty way too.  Besides flowers and photography (two passions I’m sure you’ve seen), I enjoy trying new crafts using different mediums.  The following pics are things I’ve done after taking a Scherenschnitt course here in Switzerland.  That is traditionally paper cutting, from as simple as making snowflakes to the much more intricate designs.  Today I would not be able to do it without a magnified light.  Good eyes and a steady hand are needed.  The first is a painted blackboard I designed for our office.  The ‘scherenschnitt’ design was pieced together from a pre-existing one I found in a book- The lettering from a font I found in the internet.  I thought the Bible verse was appropriate for a space I use for my weekly plans 🙂 For size reference, the blackboard is taller than the door to the room and stands behind it.


The next project I actually designed myself last December, drawing and measuring the pattern of the boy and sled to repeat around the circumfrence of the lamp which was made of japanese silk paper strips using papier mache technique over a balloon.  I had no alum powder at the time, nor clove oil , but used clove spice which was why the poor lamp has a slightly tan cast to it.  Next time, I don’t think I’ll layer the paper so thick.  The scherenschnitt should be seen through the paper layer whether lit with a candle or not.


And the last is something I made on Sunday.  I’ve been playing with ’embossing’ on aluminum, using soda cans or with this one I used the empty catfood tin.  The picture is of our village Emblem.  All towns and villages here have a picture banner like a coat of arms.  Ours is a bunch of grapes (hopefully not sour!! 😀 )  I plan on doing the others around the wine-land region where we live.


Wishing you all a wonderful day of Thanks




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2 Responses to 332/365 Happy Thanksgiving in the USA

  1. torc365 says:

    Wonderful projects, crys! Totally love the lamp.


  2. celebalqua says:

    Love your work Crys, very enterprising!

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