346/365 Christmas Wreaths

After preliminary cookie baking and having a sunny day to spare, I ventured out in the crisp air to gather greens and berries of sorts to make decorations for the house doors (plural because we have two, a front and back, and then there’s the door of my in-laws who live right across the walkway).  Lots of material to choose from and I was even able to use the wisteria vines again for one wreath base.  Here are the results-


Back Door


Front Door (Holly and Ivy theme 😉 )


In-Laws Door

I also made a green garland for the shelf that usually has the geraniums- it needs some lights or ribbons.  And I used greens to decorate around the flowers in the entryway, made a small wreath for an inner door too.  All I can say is- Holly is sharp!  Ouch!  Leaves you looking like the cat attacked your hand. 

Have a cozy Third Advent 🙂



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3 Responses to 346/365 Christmas Wreaths

  1. torc365 says:

    I have no patience for things like that.
    Crafty I am not.
    Job well done, crys.


  2. celebalqua says:

    They are all just lovely Crys. How long do they last before they start to wilt?

    • slkernThanks says:

      Because they are outside in the cold, they’ll last a good long time without wilting (my guess- through the New Year or longer). I use sprigs from mostly winter-hard shrubs, bushes or trees so that will give them a better longevity as well. The leaves on the decorations inside the house are showing signs of drying already but not fading at all.

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