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31/365 Otto stretches out

Our darling greyhound Otto thinks he owns the couch. My poor daughter Katie has to struggle with a paw in the face! Sorry for the quality, this is taken on the phone at night. Cel, Newport, Melbourne, Australia Advertisements

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30/365 Weather of all sorts

Snow, cold, rain, cold, frosty, cold, drippy, cold.   Winter. Is. Upon us.  Some impressions from last week- The macrocosm of Alps, midlands and the Rhein valley region- … to the microcosm of the woodland floor, and of course, a heavenly … Continue reading

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29/365…. No Picnic Today….

Took my husband to his appointment this morning and this was behind the building. I think it’s where the employees have their lunch break in better days. Today it looks sort of lonely. 29/365…. Calma East Bremerton, Washington, USA

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29/365: Balance

This is the conductor of a bus I take quite regularly. What surprises me every time is how can he stand so calmly without holding any bars or handles or such (right at the gate!!!) when the bus is speeding … Continue reading

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28/365 Snow shadows….

-Tooks in Southcentral PA brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….

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27/365 Love vs. chocolate

Love vs. chocolate, a photo by fre1ga on Flickr. Via Flickr: A chocolate shop in the wine country. Almost good enough to call itself a shoppe.

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27/365 – Armor and chainmail

This last Saturday we had our first SCA event for the year 2014. This first guy has a large Mowhawk on his helm which made it easy to follow his battles around the fields. He came in second at the … Continue reading

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