13/365 Critters in the yard

13/365 Critters in the yard

Last summer a neighbor decided to let some domestic bunnies loose and they have all seemed to find their way to our home. They keep getting in the garden and giving China fits when they sit and tease her while she watches and can’t do anything about them. We have tried chasing them off and even shooting pebbles from our slingshots at them, but they just won’t go away. I would real rather not have to actually hunt them to get rid of them.

Vana from Bow, WA.

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8 Responses to 13/365 Critters in the yard

  1. celebalqua says:

    Well even though it is rather cute having those bunnies running a round it is a little irresponsible and not very fair for either you or the rabbits really.

  2. torc365 says:

    Can you find a no kill shelter for them? Something like PAWS? The are cute though. 😀


  3. torc365 says:

    Yea what Calma said. Your animal control might be able to help.


  4. torc365 says:

    they are cute and I love rabbits but these guys are HUGE!! They run the minute you open the door. I love the naturally wild brown bunnies, they are smaller and they will allow you to sit and enjoy watching them. They don’t eat everything in their path like the big guys do!

  5. torc365 says:

    So good to have rabbits around the house. I wish….
    Nice shots

    ~ Sidd

  6. Dawn says:

    Live trap or animal control is a good idea. Domestic rabbits are not good for the native rabbits (it can spread disease).
    Rabbits do not like the smell of eucalyptus.. vapor rub (like vicks, a dollar store brand is fine) on popsicle sticks will help keep them out of your flowers.
    I like what you’ve done with your yard Vana.

  7. torc365 says:

    Surely there is a bunny rescue in the area that will come trap them. Domestic rabbits left in the ‘wild’ generally have a short lifespan. -Tooks

  8. torc365 says:

    Like the bunnies :)- dislike the irresponsible neighbor 😦 Not fair to you or the rabbits. China is a beautiful kitty ♥

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