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59/365 cousins

The top photo is thirteen years ago, or even a little more, the bottom one was today. My second daughter Katie (on the left) with her cousins, each a daughter of two of my brothers. They grow up fast! Cel, … Continue reading

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58/365 Random last week

Between Migraines, meetings and visitors I wasn’t out of the house much-  I think the constantly changing weather may have something to do with it (the headaches not the visitors 😛 )  so I’m sharing some of last weeks and … Continue reading

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57/365: A Canine-Bovine interaction

A single path. A cow and a dog both crossing it at the same time. Both stop and look at each other for a couple of minutes before they both walk away. True story!! ~ Sidd, Kolkata, India

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57/365….New Visitors….

I have seen gray squirrels, pigeons, crows, bluejays, raccoons, a buck, a coyote, a Jack Russel Terrier, a Hawk, and a pine squirrel. They all enjoy the food and peanuts I put out for them. Well, maybe not the Hawk, … Continue reading

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56/365 Asleep…..

……under a white blanket. -Tooks in Southcentral PA

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55/365 Winter in Washington finally!

We finally got some more snow. Not that we wanted it but it snowed on Saturday, turned to rain and then returned that night and all day Sunday. This is early on Sunday afternoon. Though I don’t think we got … Continue reading

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054/365 Memory of my babies

I couldn’t find anything today to take a picture of so I went to the archives and thought I’d put in one I did when I first started with the 365. This was a picture made of pictures I took … Continue reading

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