62/365 Spring is peeking in my garden

I have noticed lately even with the sudden cold spell that we had, that Spring is fighting to come to us. 008

The Dogwood trees that we had to plant last year because winter killed the ones from the year before are already getting new blooms for this year.

Also we have a stump or log in the back yard that is covered in a beautiful green carpet of Spanish Moss. 010

I am more then ready for Spring and to see how everything else comes back. Hurry Spring!!

Photos taken in Bow WA.

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2 Responses to 62/365 Spring is peeking in my garden

  1. slkernThanks says:

    Oh, nature isn’t daunted by the cool to cold weather. I just love seeing the garden in its various stages of growth, which reminds me, March is pruning time already, hehe 🙂 Thanks for the lovely spring foreshadowing Vana 🙂

  2. torc365 says:

    Oh, I’ve got green sprouting up, too! 😀
    Hope your garden grows and proudly shows off its colors!
    Cool pics

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