068/365 Wine Tasting

We’ve been having issues with the internet today so I hope this gets posted.  The modem may be dying, it’s rather old.

We went wine tasting yesterday in Santa Barbara County.  My daughter and I both belong to different wine clubs and it’s always a good excuse to take a day trip up north.  It was unseasonably warm but not too bad.  I picked my shipment up at Kalyra winery in Santa Ynez.  It was one of the winerys featured in the movie Sideways.  That’s not why I’m a member but it is worth mentioning.



My daughter is a member of another winery, Alexander & Wayne, which has the most delightful port.  They have a partnership with Arthur Earl, which produces some amazing reds, including a blend known as La Grein, featured in this photo:



This weekend also happened to coincide with the Solvang Century so we got to ride behind a number of cyclists as we were going from Firestone Winery to Lincourt Winery.



As a side note, my daughter’s dog, Charlie, is welcome at all but one of the wineries we visited yesterday.  Some of the workers who get moved from one tasting room to another remember us because of him.  All in all, a splendid day!

~ ateelah

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3 Responses to 068/365 Wine Tasting

  1. torc365 says:

    I know nothing of wines, save for I don’t drink them, but those glasses are outstanding!

    Great pictures!


    • torc365 says:

      Thank you very much! When my daughter turned 21 she finally got to taste the wine. At first she told me she couldn’t get all of the fruit or notes they were talking about. She told me they all kind of tasted the same. Over the past few years, she’s developed quite a good palate. Most of the wineries have very nice glasses, some of which we have been able to collect.

      ~ ateelah

  2. slkern says:

    That’s definitely something I’d like to do if I ever visit Cali. We have the privilege of having 3 wine producers here in our village. In one, we stopped by to buy some wine and the father of the owner (a Winzer himself) gave us a spontaneous walk/ taste through the reds, from year old to oak barrel (Barrique) aged. Helped me to appreciate the older more refined wines.

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