79/365 These are a few of my favorite things…

No, unfortunately no raindrops on roses- they could use it, as could the rest of the garden.  We’ve had perfectly beautiful spring weather, balmy 15-19°C and cooler at night.  This weather makes me want to get out an prune- but I usually cannot ‘just’ prune.  I see things and their usefulness or what else they could be used for.  This goes for picture one- the trimmings from pruning the wisteria vine.   Last year I made a basket.  This year I didn’t have as many long trailers to use so I did something for Easter and came up with this egg and leaf.


Don’t ask about the meaning behind the leaf…  It just happened that way 😉

Number two would be whiskers on kittens, though I would hardly call Simon a kitten any more.  Being so lovely out, the cats have to venture outside.  Here we see Simon revisiting a crime scene.  This planter was moved to the great outdoors (entry way) because – well let’s just say the cats were practicing the art of elimination indoors before heading outside, and they probably thought… ‘Hey, isn’t mom (that would be me) always telling us to do our business outside? Look, heres some dirt…’  They must have taken it to heart.  Everything scooped and tidied up, and Simon was left with a rather severe warning from me.  Garden- okay!  Planters- NOT okay!  Okay?


Number three doesn’t really fit in with the song except it actually is two of my favorite things- one being M&M’s.  Seriously, living in the land of quality chocolate consumption and world reknown Chocolate companies, you’d think I’d give up my old habits from my native land.  Old habits die hard folks.  And I pay for it- literally.  You can’t GET a pounder bag here and you pay twice over that for 300 grams :/   So why do I tell you this- because being the saver of many rather useless things that could be up-cycled one day, I discovered how to do just that with my fav chocolate product- (the bag at least, empty of course 😉 )  Did you know you can shrink clear plastic products (#6 food containers) and your favorite munchy bag to about 1/3 the size, just like a shrinky dink (Americans should understand this old product).   Cruising around Pinterest gave me just this idea- and the result:


A hard plastic keychain bob (paperclip for size reference).  I thought it turned out pretty spiffy 😀  Anyhow- craft making is one of my other favorite things.

And just to leave you with one final favorite thing which actually fits in with the time of year, and what I taught my two students in English writing today.   We are learning about Poetry (another of my favorite things)- and I was teaching about Limericks and Haiku (American style).  My example for them:

Two things for certain

In Life are death and taxes*

No one can escape

slk 19.03.2014


Happy Tax returns to you all 😉



(*yes, for those that recognise it, it is reference to the movie ‘Meeting Joe Black’)

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One Response to 79/365 These are a few of my favorite things…

  1. torc365 says:

    Clever lady you are, crys! Really neat crafts.
    Simon, you naughty little kitty. 😉


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