89/365 – Cat Time

I had to work this weekend so I am posting rather late.  Fortunately, I remember how to adjust the time!

I have many cat photos of different cats and from numerous different cameras I’ve had over the years.  The two we have currently, at least the indoor ones, we’ve had for 10 years.  There is another cat who comes to visit but I don’t have his picture yet.  He only hangs around outside.  In any case, HIH (Her Imperial Highness) and her brother, Dartz, are very good at tracking insects that invade our space.  Well, I guess they view it as their space but I’m not here to quibble.  They were tracking a mosquito-eater the other day and I was able to snap a quick shot.  It’s not great but I did like the warmth of the light.


Here is another view of them in a quieter moment…


~ ateelah

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3 Responses to 89/365 – Cat Time

  1. torc365 says:

    Mighty hunters! Mosquito eaters beware!!

    They’re soooo cute.


  2. torc365 says:

    Kitties! They are lovely. In the first photo they look ready to attack the lamp….. -Tooks

  3. torc365 says:

    ♥Kitty love♥ What type of cat is HIH? She has such a noble nose! The first picture reminds me of our two- also brother and sister, both are tabby, she’s grey/brown, he’s standard orange but is bigger than his sister (and they seriously mimic the personality of my kids as well).

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