100/365 Something Unnatural…

A walk through the woods can be chalk full of surprises.  I saw deer twice, (I think, unless white cars were speeding through the woods in the distance), and had a lovely walk which lasted several hours.  Amazing how the time can slip by.  I was completely absorbed by the sounds, smells and sights in the woods.  So many micro and macro perspectives.  One thing that disturbs my reverie, however, is the evidence of the recent wood cutting activity.  Now I am not a tree hugger, but I love these woods and the shelter they give to the wildlife here.  The forestry program in Switzerland is a good one- they clear trees out to make for healthier growth and replant when they clear out an area.  This is not the disturbing part.  In times gone by the forester would do this with his crew, but time and efficiency and money come into play more today- an organization is hired to do the work, and that means heavy machinery, and THAT means scarring of the forest floor from the weight of the equipment.  I know it has to be done, it just  looks….. unnatural (plus other smaller trees or branches can be damaged in the process, leading to breakage or poor growth).  *sigh*…. I’ll get down from my recently decapitated tree stump now and present you with today’s pictures 😉

An unusual growth on the ground (mushroom or fungi)


A beetle setting some flower wisps free


A swampy spot in the woods- right now full of water, usually dry late summer through winter-


A ‘natural’ painting-


and a paper (plastic) rose


Don’t get me wrong- we heat with renewable energy (wood) and our house would not have stood for over 500 years if not for the mighty oak beams that run through it and make up the framework.  I just don’t like change.  When a part of the wood is cleared, it makes way for new growth and other birds, plant life to come in.  This is good.  But we leave our mark none the less.  Still, it is a privilege to walk among the trees in the quiet (well, except for birds 😉 ) with sunlight filtering down, to see the new growth in the springtime, to see how the forest recycles what is left behind.  It is near to my heart. 






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2 Responses to 100/365 Something Unnatural…

  1. torc365 says:

    I love the forest, too, crys!
    That first picture looks like alien brains or something. The blue in the third picture just pops. Love it! All great pictures, as usual.


  2. celebalqua says:

    Lovely shots, your are so lucky to have this wood, it is beautiful,

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