118/365 – Spring has found my garden

I have been anxiously waiting for Spring to bloom in my garden and it is finally happening. My dogwood trees are doing well but one is blooming now so I am very excited. I will have flowers very soon since they are opening up.


Last year I planted Coral Bells but the rabbits ate the flowers off right away so I had to dig them up and place them in hanging planters. They never bloomed again last year but this year they are! I am one happy gardener.


I have planted other new flowers this year such as Foxglove and Delphiniums. I also have Dianthus and Johnny Jumpups coming back.
My Honeysuckle is growing like a weed this year too and is getting ready to blossom out. The hummingbirds are happy to wait for it. My feeders are active already.


It has taken a while for Spring to be warm enough to get things to bloom but it has finally come and we are all very happy about it.

Photos taken in Bow WA.

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2 Responses to 118/365 – Spring has found my garden

  1. torc365 says:

    Nice blooms!

  2. torc365 says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to see the growth and color! And I envy you the hummingbirds… there are none here, only the sphinx moth that ‘looks’ like a gray humming bird flitting among the blossoms.

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