121/365 After April showers…

… Come May Flowers.  The garden has had a wonderful burst of life and color since the rains last week and this week.  Here are a few highlights.


The Wisteria (I’m just getting her to train on the archway.  Learned to prune this year and hope to have her growing along and up the wall as well some day.


The Butterfly Bush.  Not sure if her name comes from the fact that she attracts butterflies (can’t tell- it has been too rainy), or that her blossoms look like a myriad of butterflies.  I planted her in April and she seems to like her stomping grounds 🙂


Tulips – the blossoms are almost as large as my fist- very sturdy and tall, these beauties.


Irises- just before the rains came they were showing signs of budding.  Now I have a sea of purple, and I hope that the weather holds so they won’t be devastated by too much wet.  Time to bring some of this color indoors before it fades.

Have a great weekend



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2 Responses to 121/365 After April showers…

  1. torc365 says:

    Love the Wisteria.


  2. torc365 says:

    Crys I love your garden flowers!! So pretty and the colors are so wonderful. I love the look of Wisteria gracefully hanging. My butterfly bush is deep purple, I love the pink and red of yours. Oh and tulips and the Irises. I wish I could grow those but our ground it too wet (high ground water), they would rot instead of bloom. Yours are so pretty!


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