124/365 – From the Land of Endless Summer…

This week was pretty beastly.  After our non-existent winter, we have had temperatures 20-30 degrees above normal.  95 to 100 degrees is far from normal for April in my part of the world and where I work does not have air-conditioning.  It’s been pretty miserable.  On the plus side, our tomatoes and some other plants seem to be thriving.  Today was a little closer to normal so I went out and took a couple of photos of my daughter’s container garden.


ImageSticky Monkey Flowers

The Sticky Monkey flowers were kind of a surprise because the plants were bought last year but didn’t seem to hold up really well.  Apparently, they released seeds which sprouted and are currently thriving.

~ ateelah

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3 Responses to 124/365 – From the Land of Endless Summer…

  1. torc365 says:

    Cool tomatoes! Love the color of the Sticky Monkey flower.


  2. torc365 says:

    I love gardens when you start seeing the fruits of your labors.
    I love Spring and the flowers too.


  3. celebalqua says:

    Those sticky monkey flowers are gorgeous, I’ve never heard of them.


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