166/365 – More from Bodie

The Methodist Church in Bodie is actually if fairly good condition, if you don’t look too closely.


People still leave alms for the church, even though services haven’t been held in the church in over a century.


I would definitely like to go back to Bodie to see more!

~ ateelah

Ventura, California

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7 Responses to 166/365 – More from Bodie

  1. torc365 says:

    Neat looking church!
    And the offerings as well. Do they use it to maintain the place or just leave it on the floor?


  2. torc365 says:

    Do I see a bottle cap amongst those coins??? šŸ˜€ That would be a neat place to visit!

  3. torc365 says:

    I would love to visit this place too. I love the look of the church. Too bad they have not kept it up so they could continue some sort of service or tours.


  4. torc365 says:

    Yes, that’s rather poignant and sad. šŸ˜¦


  5. torc365 says:

    That’s it, Bodie is going on the bucket list! I love the details of architecture put into this little chapel. What history it must keep: how many families, christenings, weddings and funerals must have taken place in this building.

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