173/365 Gambit says Hi

 photo P1010156_zpsf1233176.jpg

She is doing pretty well on the steroids and we only pray she is not in pain. The steroids are suppose to ease any pain she might have. We are spoiling her more than usual and giving her hugs and loves from us and all on TORC who have sent them.

This is the most recent picture I have of her.

Have a great week all.

Sable, Bremerton, WA, USA

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4 Responses to 173/365 Gambit says Hi

  1. torc365 says:


  2. torc365 says:

    Hi Gambit! Hope you are feeling better, sweetie. -Tooks

  3. torc365 says:

    I think I missed what’s wrong with Gambit. 😦 Hope she’s feeling better now, though!


  4. slkern says:

    Soft hugs from this part of the world for the Gambit puppy! Hope the medication eases her pains

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