217/365 Poised for flight???

The last robin fledgling — this little fella (?) perched on the edge of the nest for hours one day last week. I guess he was either:

a) Calculating his flight path and optimum air velocity, or
b) Getting up the nerve to jump out and start flapping.

At one point I looked out on the porch and he was gone. The three young’uns will stay hidden for several days, since they are prone to predators until they learn to eat and fly okay on their own.

At least now I can go out the front door without getting yelled at by mom and dad. 😀

 photo 100_9337_zpsae7190d1.jpg

-Tooks in southcentral PA

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3 Responses to 217/365 Poised for flight???

  1. torc365 says:

    Neat picture! Hope the little ones make it on their own.


  2. slkern says:

    Ah, how quickly they grow and leave the nest! So cool that you could witness their development Tooks!

  3. torc365 says:

    I know it is fun watching the birds build then the little ones hatching and chirping to be fed. We have a nest on the back porch by the window shutter. She gets all excited when we go out the back door.


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