219/365 Ebenalp

Today we went hiking.  For about 4.5 – 5 hours, up a mountain.  The grade was steep and the experience level was probably moderate to difficult.We were fortunate, because at the top when we sat down for coffee at the Alpine restaurant the clouds rolled in and the view became white.  Even when we left to return to the car via Gondola, it was raining so hard and fast we were completely soaked in the minutes it took to walk the short distance to the station.  Others were not so lucky, they were still hiking. 😦  I haven’t done a walk like that for about 20 years…. tomorrow is going to reveal some new muscle aches, I am sure.  😛   And now, the photos:IMG_4181

Heading up through the woods from Schwenden


An Alpine hut guarded by a cow we passed on our way to lunch at the lake (about 2 hours into hiking)


Lake and wildlife.  The ducks  (5) saw us with food and joined us.  So did the butterflies (another day another picture)


After we left the lake, we crossed over to the other side of the alpine valley and continued to ascend to our goal.   Here we are not quite there, but just below Ebenalp at a small cafe carved in the side of the mountain.


Another perspective- this is taken from the corner of the cafe looking direct up the mountainside.  We are about 20- 30 minutes from reaching our goal, the restaurant on Ebenalp (Alpside I think it is called).


To give you perspective- below in the picture you see the alpine hut (pale green area in the sun) and the lake we were at (just above the tree line across the valley, the lake is a bit further on the right side- not on this photo but you can see it on the Alpine Cafe photo lower left corner)


And the distance we traveled up from where the car was parked on the street below.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of the restaurant up top, because it was rather difficult to see once the clouds moved in.  Perhaps next time I’ll post a few impressions along the way.

Have a great and relaxing weekend



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2 Responses to 219/365 Ebenalp

  1. torc365 says:

    I never would have made it up that trail. Give me the gondola both ways, please.
    Cool looking cafe!
    Love the pictures especially the view looking down.


  2. torc365 says:

    I would not have made it either but what a beautiful and awesome view as well as the cool cafe along the way. Awesome indeed!

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