221/365 – A day out at the agricultural show

I had made a comment earlier in the week that our little cinema wasn’t showing Guardians of the Galaxy, so Hobbituk very kindly offered to watch it again with us in his home town, which is about 50 minutes’ drive away for us. To add to the temptation, the Halifax Agricultural Show was on, and he promised Border Collies. Well, I could hardly turn that down!

I took some photos of prize-winning vegetables for my dad (who once tried to grow an onion) and our friend who was disappointed at the size of her carrots.

Prize-winning onions

Prize-winning onions

Prize-winning carrots

Prize-winning carrots

After the show, we hung out in Hobbituk’s garden, enjoying the view and the sunshine, before heading out for something to eat and then the film (which was brilliant, by the way!).

The view from the garden.

The view from the garden.

[Taken by Heliona in Halifax, West Yorkshire – sorry for the quality, it was on my phone.]

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3 Responses to 221/365 – A day out at the agricultural show

  1. torc365 says:

    Love the view from Hobbituk’s garden. 😀 Nice veggies, but where are the Collies? 😕


  2. torc365 says:

    Been thinking I might try onions and carrots next year. Depending were I am at the time.
    Love the view. Lovely countryside. Yea…were the puppies??!!


  3. torc365 says:

    There was in fact only one collie, during the agility show. And with my phone, I’d only have got a blur, so I didn’t even try to take a photograph!


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