224/365: Catch up

Oh, my, the interwebz have been unkind to me over the past couple weeks! The lack of posts was not intentional. So here is a smorgasbord of pictures from the last 2 weeks.

The other day I was running errands in our little town. (I live in the township, but this is the town we’re connected to.) So here is Bellbrook, Ohio.

Bustling downtown area:

bellbrook downtown

One historical building:

bellbrook garage

The toy store and bike store:

bellbrook toy store

This is the actual historical museum and, yes, some kind of museum about funerals and undertakers. I can’t remember the exact name now, but it’s an odd, little side museum. The small building to the left is a creepy old-time funeral parlor with tools of the trade from the 1800s.

bellbrook historical museum

Nice park:

bellbrook park

Now, I think Bellbrook is fairly picturesque, and I didn’t get around to some of the prettier buildings. I was getting strange looks, so I stopped taking pics. However, there is another nearby town that is so picturesque that it has actually been in several films. Lebanon, Ohio has been the setting for Harper Valley PTA, Milk Money, and The Christmas Spirit.

I only snapped a couple of pictures. I was there to run/walk in a 5K. This is the Golden Lamb Inn, Ohio’s oldest inn, founded in 1803. 12 presidents have stayed here.

downtown lebanon

Town Hall:

lebanon town hall

And then here are some kitty pictures! πŸ˜€ This is my tomcat, Marbles. He’s a big sweetie, but you can see that he is “gently” making sure that I keep petting him.

marbles demands petting

He is not impressed with the start of this hat I’m attempting to crochet for a charity that gives them to chemotherapy patients.

marbles in a hat

And, finally, this is what I did Monday.

me and the spider

That’s a female wolf spider on my hand. It was part of a teaching workshop I had organized for our homeschool co-op.


[Posted by Lali]

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5 Responses to 224/365: Catch up

  1. torc365 says:

    Nice pictures, Lali. Love Marbles! His second picture looks like he’s stalking that wolf spider. πŸ˜€


  2. torc365 says:

    πŸ˜€ It does! And he is the master of grumpy faces.


  3. torc365 says:

    Oooo. Nice spider. πŸ˜‰
    Nice other photos too. Love the parks and history! -Tooks

  4. torc365 says:

    EEeewwww! I hate spiders and I grew up with Wolf Spiders. I find them sneaky and creepy. Nice pic though. Love the other pics!


  5. torc365 says:

    You do live in a very picturesque area. (In spite of the gigantic spiders!)

    ~ ateelah

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