237/365 – Spending a day at Port Townsend

Ryan and I took another ferry ride yesterday from Whidbey Island to Port Townsend just to walk around and celebrate our 6th anniversary.
We watched the ferry pulling in before we left.
As we were pulling in to Port Townsend we saw a cute sail boat pulling a kayak. Ryan said he wanted it, of course.
While we were walking we came across a sidewalk band playing for the people walking by.
We stopped in a shop that made their own ice cream and the long lines showed how good it was.
Then of course they had their own personal touch of quirkiness in Port Townsend and I had to take a picture of it.
While we were waiting for a fabulous little pizza place to make our pizza we went out to the water and caught four sea otters at play!
And then I saw them again as we were walking back to the ferry, they were playing on the rocks.
What an awesome area we live in that we can do so much and go so many places in a day!

Photos taken on Whidbey Island and Port Townsend WA.

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4 Responses to 237/365 – Spending a day at Port Townsend

  1. torc365 says:

    Nice pictures. Love the Ferry the most.


  2. torc365 says:

    Oh, the otters!!!! They are so adorable!


  3. slkern says:

    Great pictures Vana- thanks for including us on your tour šŸ™‚

  4. celebalqua says:

    Looks like a really lovely day was had by all. Thanks for the snaps

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