238/365: Spiders and Flowers

I’m hoping to get these posted in this window of internet connectivity! Keep your fingers crossed, folks!

Shelob has built a web on the back door. She has it perfectly aligned over the glass, so it’s quite interesting to watch her from the safety of my mud room. And we can still get in and out of the door.

shelob 2

The other night I believed I witnessed a courtship ritual. There was a much smaller spider of the same species on her web (the male, I presume). Over the course of the night, he moved closer to her, till they were about 4 inches apart. She was “licking” one of her legs, and there was a string connecting them both. He was plucking on this string like a harpist. So I’m not entirely sure what that all meant, but he is now nowhere to be found. Hmmm. 😉

Here’s a nice zoom on her abdomen. My phone camera is pretty awesome!

shelob zoom

And then to make up for the “scary” pictures, here are some pretty flowers along the path I walked yesterday.

Tall ironweed:

tall ironweed

Tall ironweed, stinging nettles, and some kind of yellow prairie flower. I need to look it up still. It’s some kind of sunflower or coreopsis, I believe.

ironweed path

~ Lali (Sugarcreek Township, Ohio)

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5 Responses to 238/365: Spiders and Flowers

  1. torc365 says:

    Interesting…. Very interesting..


  2. torc365 says:

    oOOO. Flowers and spiders. A very good day!!! 😀
    -Tooks (PS: are we assuming she ate him??) 😉

  3. slkern says:

    Perhaps the gestation time of the spider is short ? 😛 Just trying to think positive. We have some lovely fat cross spiders (Kreuzspinne- name not demeanor) outside our windows. Don’t mind them if they remain outside. Pretty flowers 🙂

  4. celebalqua says:

    Love the shots, spiders are so cool

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