317/365 Not everything comes up roses

Still mild weather holding, though rains have increased and there is flooding in the south of the country (almost).  It led to a much needed day for cleaning up the garden and bringing in the outdoor furniture for winter.  That done, I took the opportunity to cut some garden flowers and created two bouquets for the table.


The cold weather has brought the colors out so nicely.

Also while taking pictures indoors I decided to play around with long exposure pictures- not half as dramatic as what my son did one foggy night (spooky that….!), so here is the result.


The blur might be from bumping the table the camera was sitting on, or just ambient noise coming through. My son looks like I felt today after teaching a squirrelly bunch of 7th graders.  😛

And speaking of not roses, this was Mel’s personal opinion on her being outside when she saw Simon walking past the door inside.


Sibling rivalry!  What can one do? 😀

Have a great weekend.



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5 Responses to 317/365 Not everything comes up roses

  1. torc365 says:

    Lovely flowers, crys. The ‘ghost’ of your son looks maniacal. And I fear Simon is for a rough time when Mel gets inside.


  2. torc365 says:

    Love the picture with your son! Cool way to take pics, nice effects. Silly kitty, she knows where she wants to be! Love the color of you mums!


  3. torc365 says:

    Those are great pictures! The cat one is particularly funny!

    Ah, teaching squirrelly 7th-graders–I know this scenario well! Friday will be my last homeschool co-op teaching day till March, and I am thrilled about that. Now, if only I could decided which lesson I’m going to teach them….


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