333/365 – D&D table

This weekend we had a couple of friends over for some gaming. Saturday was spent continuing a D&D 5th edition game (we alternate locations). We’ve only got a small table, which was brought downstairs to sit in the middle of the living room (we keep it in a spare room).

Here’s the crowded table, mid-campaign. πŸ™‚

Table covered in D&D campaign stuff

Table covered in D&D campaign stuff

[Taken by Heliona in her living room.]

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5 Responses to 333/365 – D&D table

  1. torc365 says:

    Hey, save me a place, I’ll be right over! πŸ˜‰ (though I only play 1st edition AD&D)
    When we first moved into our current house, we didn’t have a spare table, so we played on the floor!


    • torc365 says:

      We play quite of bit other stuff on the floor (since it’s a pain to bring the table down) but we figured for D&D we really needed the table – our backsides thanked us, at least!

      5th edition is pretty good. They’ve simplified the rules from the 4th edition. From what I understand, they’ve almost reverted back to 2nd edition, with letting the DM (and the players) a lot more scope for invention and less rule-following. However, you’d have to ask someone who has actually played 1st edition AD&D for an actual comparision, but it seems the 5th edition is better than its recent predecessors. πŸ™‚


  2. torc365 says:

    Hmmmm… a serious group, I see. πŸ˜€

  3. torc365 says:

    Looks a bit like when my brother used to play Risk (only I think that was a board game, not so much RP). How he conquered the world by himself I’ll never know πŸ˜€

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