342/365 – China as queen of her castle

We have been enjoying some of China’s quirks these last few days and wanted to share them with you. First, we bought her a water fountain drinking bowl this last summer. She loves it but seems to think she must reach over the entire bowl to the dribble of water falling from the fountain. Now if she stood to the side of the bowl the reach would be much less but that is not how she wants to do it. It makes me smile to watch her.

I also noticed that she has decided she can see her surroundings and realm much better from the vantage point on top of Ryan’s new computer chair. She finally let me get a photo of her before she jumped down, as if she were in trouble, which we would not be.

She is such a character these days and we love her to pieces!!

Photos taken in Bow, WA.

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2 Responses to 342/365 – China as queen of her castle

  1. torc365 says:

    Such a pretty kitty. 😀
    My girls drink from the running water of their fountain. It’s a cat thing to drink from running water and they LOVE looking down upon their minions from high! 😀


  2. torc365 says:

    Ah, kitties are such a joy- and smart too- does she do the thing with her paw reaching down around the outside of the bowl before she drinks? Ours both do this (I think they try to gauge the depth of the water or something.. still not sure about that one) 😀 China is a pretty one though. 🙂

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