85/365: Spring?

I’ve had an eventful week.

My brother got married on Saturday.

I took a road trip with my BFF to see/hear Glennon Doyle Melton speak in Findlay, Ohio. Here she is below. (She is the author of Carry On, Warrior and the Momastery blog. She was on The Today Show two days after this.)


Then look here! Snowdrops! Spring is coming! Spring is very mixed up in Ohio, but it’s coming. We had 63F on Wednesday, and it was snowing today. But snowdrops!

snowdrops blog

And then, here is my younger daughter’s newest pet, Templeton, the rat. Isn’t he cute? And he really is, but he does pee and poop too much. I am thinking of making him a diaper or something. He is a rescue rat. A veterinarian friend of ours got him from a lab where he was going to be euthanized.


(No, he doesn’t glow in the dark. Sadness.)

~ Lali (Sugarcreek Township, Ohio)

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3 Responses to 85/365: Spring?

  1. torc365 says:

    Looks like your spring is more advanced than ours…

    How do the cats like the rat?

  2. celebalqua says:

    Great insight into your week Lali, the rat does look cute, love how it’s hands seem clasped in front of it.

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