91/365…When All Else Fails…

Post a picture of your cat.

Sorry, had no picture this week, so I looked through my shots and found a cute one of my Pawsha. (as if any one of her pics aren’t cute…) She’s sitting on top the futon mattress my son bought a few months back.

 photo IMG_2670_zpseccawhlt.jpg

Calma’s Foyer

Port Orchard, Washington USA

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90/365 Shaggy log

I was looking for some green in the midst of all the gray and brown outside, and found this log covered with moss. It looks like someone may live in there! It was still early in the day, so I didn’t wake them up.


 photo 100_9989m_zpskcpkcw1t.jpg

-Tooks in Southcentral PA

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89/365 Hike

We’ve been intending to hike to Erskine Falls for a while now,  so this past weekend we hijacked some friends and did it.  It was 12 km, not insubstantial,  but made challenging by the path,  which required several river crossings, rock hopping , tree dodging and slippery slopes. Was beautiful but legs are feeling it today.







Novice/Imp, Lorne, Victoria,  Oz

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089/365 Flowers and ready for ‘maters

When I went to the store this morning (roomy was out of soda pop…and you don’t want to see him without his drink!!) they had pots of flowers by the way in. I just had to have some.

 photo P1010298_zpshhg68k5r.jpg

My roomy and I are both unable physically to do much of anything. His back and my knees prevent much. So last week my neighbor asked if I would let her help us out by cleaning up our yard. I traded her an afgan for part of the work she did for us. Below are my pots ready for tomatoes and maybe some squash when it is time to plant them. She cleaned up my pots taking away the old dead tomato vines and putting new soil in them.

 photo P1010299_zpsnb1ugtqv.jpg

All ready for spring to bloom. Hope you all have a great week.

Sable’s front yard, Bremerton, WA, USA

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86/365 bits and bobs

These photos reflect my week. The first is some electricity work with my yr 11 physics class, the next the bureau that I am getting. It used to be my Dad’s who passed away in 2013. I love that mum asked me to take it cause it is a constant reminder of him for me and it is a beautiful piece of furniture too. Finally a shot of Tigger, who is always tempting me to scratch his tummy but will attacking you if you do..



Cel, Newport, melbourne, Australia  

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85/365: Spring?

I’ve had an eventful week.

My brother got married on Saturday.

I took a road trip with my BFF to see/hear Glennon Doyle Melton speak in Findlay, Ohio. Here she is below. (She is the author of Carry On, Warrior and the Momastery blog. She was on The Today Show two days after this.)


Then look here! Snowdrops! Spring is coming! Spring is very mixed up in Ohio, but it’s coming. We had 63F on Wednesday, and it was snowing today. But snowdrops!

snowdrops blog

And then, here is my younger daughter’s newest pet, Templeton, the rat. Isn’t he cute? And he really is, but he does pee and poop too much. I am thinking of making him a diaper or something. He is a rescue rat. A veterinarian friend of ours got him from a lab where he was going to be euthanized.


(No, he doesn’t glow in the dark. Sadness.)

~ Lali (Sugarcreek Township, Ohio)

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85 / 365 – Miscellaneous

Some birds in a park in London, near Lambeth:


Seen in a shop in Victoria Street, one of the coolest streets in Edinburgh:


An interesting gravestone by a church in Corstorphine, Edinburgh – my guess is either 17th or 18th century:


Bass Rock, near North Berwick:


– Jude, various places in the UK

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